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Personal Data

Our portal is not made to collect personal data from users as we offer the information to help the users to get a good job. However, if a user has a question regarding any of the recruitment and wants to post a comment on our portal then they need to give some required information including their name, email to validate the authenticity of the user. This information will be stored with us till the life span of our portal.

Use of Personal Data

As we said in the above section, we are collecting this information to prevent spam comments on our site and we will use this information to communicate with you via email to solve your questions and to send you the update regarding your question.


We are using a simple cooky that will be helpful to store your information in the browser or your computer to auto-fill the required information at our portal without entering the same information again. If you are writing your first comment on our portal then your browser will ask you to save your information and if you allow it to do then you don’t need to enter the required information again for the second time you write the comment on any of the page.

Lifespan of User’s Data

Personal Data of the users that we collect from users during a discussion on a topic through comments are stored and secured till the life span of our blog. It will be automatically deleted if we decided to shut down the portal.

Your Rights

Our users have a right to request us to delete their personal data and information from our portal permanently. It can be done by contacting us through our official email and our team will delete their personal information within 2-3 working days.

Our Rights

We have the right to change our privacy policy at any time without prior notification and we have the right to block the person who is not complying with our privacy policy.


If the user has any questions regarding our privacy policy then contact us.